The Wedding Party

(Caroline and Alison's bouquets from Caroline's wedding)




Caroline Bellach Quick: Maid of Honor

Alison has known Caroline since birth. (Weird!) They've played "Australian Twin," Barbies, and raced ottomans together; Alison caused Caroline's appendicitis, while Caroline gave Alison need to get a root canal. When they were younger, most people thought they were twins because they were so close, and now they plan on having children at the same time so their kids can be as good of friends as they are. Caroline is Alison's favorite sister and best friend, and can often be spotted at EQ3 in the company of Josh and Zoe, who are both cute but only one of whom is covered in hair.

Jamie Plessas: Best Man

Jamie and Brandon met in high school band, whereupon they set out on a rampage of music and mayhem. They've seen each other through airborn Subarus, exploding stereos, high school graduation, college dorm life, and the pursuit of pizzas. Jamie has been Brandon's best friend for over 15 years now.



Jerome and Katherin Bellach: Bride's Parents

Alison's parents have been married since forever. It is rumored that they are the best mommy and daddy in the world, and Alison considers them two of her best friends and favorite people. When not forcing her to pick strawberries or prentending to forget Brandon's name, Jerome and Kathy keep an eye on their retail furniture empire and make new plans for world domination via leather sofas! (Or, they are busy spoiling their three Cavaliers rotten.)

John and Brenda Sonderegger: Groom's Parents

Depsite having spawned Brandon, Brenda and John have NOT been outlawed by the Geneva Convention. Growing up around them, Brandon was exposed to the virtues of hard work, clean living, fair play, and intellectual pursuits. So, his shortcomings are obviously not their fault! They currently live in Green Valley, Arizona where they're enjoying their retirement by finding things that resemble work as much as possible. (Does bridge count as work?)

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Elyssa GoldmanFrank Cormier
Alison's friend of 15 years.     Brandon's friend of 5 years.
Jenna Wolf RubinDerek Sonderegger
Alison's friend of 10 years.     Brandon's younger brother.
Sari Wisch KirschenbaumJohn Troutman
Alison's friend of 15 years.     Brandon's friend of 5 years.