Frequently Asked Questions





Q: Are children invited to the wedding and reception?

We invite you to bring your children - we love the little ones! Please make sure to let us know if you plan on bringing children when you RSVP. Also, please be aware that there won't be any on-site childcare.

Q: What is a ketubah?

A quick explanation: A ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract between a husband and wife. In Judaism, marriage is considered to be a series of promises that will be upheld by both parties, and if either breaches the contract, the couple can legally (in the eyes of the religion as well as modern law) separate. The couple signs this document on their wedding day, and it is traditionally hung in the home as a piece of art. This document would be printed in Hebrew and in English. Our ketubah will contain the vows that we say to each other during the ceremony itself.

Q: What about us folk in Madison?

Don't worry! Although we'd obviously love it if all of our friends in Madison could be in California with us on the fated day, we plan on having some sort of Madison festivity after the wedding. Maybe we'll even get Brandon back into a tux. :)