Location: Seascape Resort, Aptos, California



Officiant: Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant


Colors: light gold and chianti


September 05, 2006: It's done! Check the gallery for pictures as we upload them!

June 28, 2006: First off, invites are out! The keen little drawing is courtesy of the handsome groom. Secondly, I decided to make the favors by hand, mainly because I'm insane. I hope you like em :)

June 01, 2006: The shower was FANTASTIC! Much thanks to Caroline B Quick, Marcia Goldman, and Frances Wisch, and associated significant others ;). We couldn't have asked for a better party. There's a full write-up of the events here.

May 13, 2006: The shower is coming up! Woot! We are SO EXCITED to get out of rainy Wisconsin and see some Californian sun, and all of you!

April 15, 2006: Aw, the last year we file taxes seperately. Also, we've finalized the invites, which should arrive in about a month, and a shower is in the works for late May.

January 06, 2006: We started doing "registry stuff" over the holidays, while visiting Brandon's parents -- there happened to be a Macy's nearby (the closest Macy's to Madison is five hours away, and Alison really wanted to register there) so we devoted a few hours to exploring! Also, Brandon finalized the honeymoon in mid-December.

November 28, 2005: The bridesmaids dresses are picked out; the wedding dress is picked up; the cake is picked out (yum); flowers ideas are mostly finalized; invite ideas have sprung!

October 27, 2005: Our wedding rings are finished AND the ketubah arrived!

October 10, 2005: The ketubah has been ordered. It's awesome -- we can't wait for you all to see it!

August 02, 2005: We've booked the wonderful Rabbi Yeshaia Charles Familant to officiate our wedding and started laying out the ceremony. We're both very excited! (Seriously, we're so excited we almost eloped. Hee hee.)

June 26, 2005: Save-The-Dates are starting to make their way around the mail system...

May 28, 2005: Alison has found The Dress!

March 22, 2005: The location has been booked! WOO!

March 17, 2005: We've decided on a location, but we need to work out the guest list before we finalize! Woo! We're also starting to think about our officiant and our ceremony. Finally, Alison is going to start dress shopping in late May.

February 09, 2005: Brandon's older brother and his wife give birth to a baby boy, Jakob William! Unfortunately, he won't be old enough to be a ring-bearer by the wedding date.

December 25, 2004: Brandon and Alison's parents spend Christmas together and get along almost too well.

October 07, 2004: The couple, with Alison's parents in tow, starts surveying wedding sites!

August 07, 2004: He asks! She says yes! Surrounded by his fam, while on their cruise to Alaska, beneath a speaker that is blaring escape insructions en espanol.

December 05, 2003: The First Date: Ginza of Tokyo on Madison's west side.

March 31, 2003: Brandon and Alison meet. Sims expansion packs are shared, ferrets try to crawl up Alison's pantleg.